Alexandra Torres Novoa, Just a Person, 2020
Alexandra Torres Novoa is a visual artist from Peru. She has dedicated herself to illustration, comics, mural painting, thematic workshops and fanzines. Her need for communication evolved around making the Peruvian woman of our days and the kidnapping of her visible sexuality. JUST A PERSON is a graphic novel, which begins as a travel log of a Latin American woman on her vacation to Europe. It evolves into an introspective diary, which due to the pandemic makes it an introspection diary; rethinking identity in times of isolation, this is a journey that has no return, in time, in space, in context. The musical composition is inspired by Torreā€™s graphic novel and was composed by Swedish artist and musician Simo Brotherus. Curated by Felice Hapetzeder, Sweden Aviad Zinemanas