Aviad Zinemanas and Dor Zlekha Levy, Amor, 2020
Aviad Zinemanas is an Israeli Musician. Dor Zlekha Levy is an Israeli video artist. The work set out to investigate a specific emotional condition named Saudade that expresses the sweet melancholy accompanying the recognition that the object of our deepest yearning will no longer return. As described in a text by Hagit Emma Werner, Zinemanas listened to dozens of songs featuring Saudade as a key motif, trying to understand it as a reduced frequency and not a particular theme. This frequency is expressed in color, pitch, and length of notes, and not in the dynamic of specific narrative development. He created an audio track onto which he embedded samples from popular songs. Zlekha Levy created a similar reconstruction of Saudade as a video work. He searched for visual manifestations of the word “Amor” in blockbuster movies, which represent a more banal and popular perception of romantic yearning. He extracted the frames that expressed the digital frequency he desired, moments that became objects of Saudade. By focusing on fragments of movement, expressions, and physical gestures, he presents the similarity among various objects of Saudade and exposes the structure of the shared experience. Curated by Drorit Gur-Arie, Israel